Thursday, January 20, 2011

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For this assignment, I was interested in a sports-related assistant job.

For this post, I interviewed a friend of mine, Safdar Khan, who works for the Chicago Cubs. Additionally, before working for the cubs, Safdar worked for the Chicago Bulls.

Below are my questions and Safdar’s answers…

Q. What company do you work for, and what is your position there?
A. Chicago Cubs, Baseball Operations Assistant

Q. How long have you held this position?
A. I've held this fine position since the start of the new year. However, I've been with the Cubs for one year now, as I served as their media relations intern during the 2010 season.

Q. What were your qualifications?
A. Qualifications for this position required having a broad knowledge about the game of baseball, two or three years of experience with a professional organization, ability to multi-task and manage your time efficiently.

Q. Do you participate in any on-going training to maintain your job?
A. The only training I can think of that we go through is interacting with players and coaches to see exactly how they want their information for the upcoming season to be put together. There really is no structured training method we go through, other than being professional when working with players/coaches.

Q. How do you like your job?
A. Love it ... no day is the same.

Q. Is there job growth?
A. Hard work doesn't go unnoticed, so every person in every position has something to strive for and work for. There's always job growth, as long as you're work proves that you deserve to take on more responsibility.

Q. What are some pros and cons of your job?
A. Pros - working for the Cubs itself, good insurance, sports atmosphere, working with players/coaches, watching free baseball games, traveling and calling Wrigley Field your work place.
Cons - Can't really think of one.

Q. Do you find your job challenging? If yes, how?
A. Yes. It's a tough and fast-paced industry, so you've got to be on your toes as in terms of work. Being accurate with stats, numbers and research is very important. Factor that in with long hours on a daily basis, and it becomes very important to be accurate when compiling career numbers of each player and coach. The Cubs have more than 5 minor league teams, and keeping tabs on them is very challenging because there's over 150 players combined in our entire minor league system.

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